Life Without Work Apps on My Phone

One of the benefits of the pandemic for me personally is that I was able to uninstall several work apps from my phone. There are a few things that made this possible, the first of which is I moved into an individual contributor position, and the second of which was that I was not longer and on-call employee. The strange thing about doing this was it immediately has improved my quality of life, especially when I was away from work. Its made me think a bit more if I’ve ever truly needed them.

The “productivity” things like slack, email, and calendar on my phone have brought me, cost me my ability to focus. It made me much more reactive, since now I was bombarded with notification, and constant interruption for a quick question. These interruptions prevented me from being present in meetings, stopped me from thinking deeply, and impacted my personal and professional relationship. Without them, I have clear boundaries, and I feel I’ve regained a much better work routine.

I’ve wondered why I ever configured them in the first place. I felt compelled to install them like somehow it would improve my performance, or I had to demonstrate constant availability.

I wonder if I’ll install them when we head back to the office.






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