Race Report – DSE Polo Field 5K


A regular Sunday run put on by the Dolphin Southend Runners at a 5k distance through Golden Gate Park. The weather was bad the previous evening, and looked like it might be a bit wet for the run. I had my rain gear, and was prepared for it to get wet and cold.

The Course

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This was a simple loop around the polo fields in GGP. Its fairly flat compared to the last run, and could be done on a mix of dirt, and pavement. It reminded me I should get out in the park more.

The Logistics

Same as the last DSE event. There was a tent with folks ready to sign people in, water, and post race snacks. The start/finish line was a little bit up the road.

My Run

I started off way to fast, pulled along by those around me. My initial pace was something like a 9:15 mile, which is just too fast fore me to sustain it. The first mile was slightly sloped downhill, and when we turned to cross to JFK drive, the uphill started. I was holding pretty well until this point, and really began to slow as we crossed into Speedway Meadows. I was able to get my heart, and pace under control and once we finished with the “hilly” section I turned up the speed to finish within my goal of 35 minutes.






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