Category: Linux

  • Just Enough Ops of Devs

    A few weeks ago I was reading through the chef documentaion and I came across the page “Just Enough Ruby for Chef”. This inspired me to put together a quick article, on how much linux a developer needs to know. I’m going to be doing this as a series, and putting out one of these […]

  • What I Wish Some Had Told Me About Writing Cron Jobs

    Much like Doc Brown and Marty McFly, cron and I go way back. It is without doubt one of thing single most valuable tools you can use in linux system management. Though what I’ve learned over the years is that it can be hard to write jobs that reliably produce the results I want. I […]

  • SSH Do’s and Don’ts

    Do Use SSH Keys When ever you can use a key for SSH. Once you create it, you can distribute the public side widely to enable access where ever you need it. Generating one is easy: ssh-keygen -t dsa Don’t Use a Blank Passphrase on Your Key This key is now your identity. Protect it. […]