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  • Sunrise

  • DSE – Twin Peaks 4 Mile Race Report

    Race Report Event This was a quick Sunday morning run, that was a total of 4 miles. The event was put on by the Dolphin South End Runners (DSE), and is a hilly but scenic course through one of my favorite parts of San Francisco. Its a great club, and the run events almost every […]

  • Limited Availability of Children’s Pain Killers

    A week ago multiple drugstores were out of ibuprofen for kids in San Francisco. I found out after visiting 5 stores, and finding that section bare. This article barely contains the reason why. It seems all demand driven with the uptick in flu and rsv all in the same year.

  • Thoughts About Electric Cars and Infrastructure

    I started to think about all the cars around me and how much electricity would be needed to replace all the cars around me. The 30 or so nearby cars likely need 600kw, or more. All the cars on the road in the bay area would consume around 16 gigawatts of power. This is an […]

  • Monday Run with Pete

    I went for a short run with Pete at Lake Merced. I wanted to get him a little outing with the rest of the week looking like it would have quite a bit of rain. He really likes going for these runs now, and whines to get started the moment we arrive at the parking […]

  • A Very Christmas Pete

    I found this guy under the tree today.

  • Boat