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  • Life Without Work Apps on My Phone

    One of the benefits of the pandemic for me personally is that I was able to uninstall several work apps from my phone. There are a few things that made this possible, the first of which is I moved into an individual contributor position, and the second of which was that I was not longer […]

  • Fork Less in Bash and See Performance Wins

    So, if you haven’t seen this page you should take a look. It has a whole bunch of interesting techniques you can use to manipulate strings in bash. If you end up working with bash a lot you might find yourself doing this quite a bit, since it can save a lot of time. Lets […]

  • Getting Unique Counts From a Log File

    Two colleagues of mine ask a very similar question for interviews. The question is not particularly hard, nor does it require a lot of thought to solve, but its something that as a developer or a ops guys you might find yourself needing to do. The question is, given a log file of a particular […]

  • Just Enough Ops of Devs

    A few weeks ago I was reading through the chef documentaion and I came across the page “Just Enough Ruby for Chef”. This inspired me to put together a quick article, on how much linux a developer needs to know. I’m going to be doing this as a series, and putting out one of these […]

  • Thanks Mr. Jobs, But it Seems I Can Use Linux Laptop Now

    So, back in 1997 I installed my first copy of FreeBSD. I had to do some major research to get X Windows up and running, and the next computer I bought I very carefully selected a video card to make things easier. I was happy, I was able to use gcc, but getting online via […]

  • Infrastructure – The Challenge of Small Ops – Part 3

    Infrastructure is hard to build. This is true when putting together compute clusters, or when dealing with roads or power lines. Typically this involves both increases in operating expenses and capital expenses, and a small mistake can be quite costly.   Limited Resources   All organizations have goals. Sometimes these goals are built around reliability, […]

  • 6 Phone Screen Questions for an Ops Candidate

    My company is hiring, and I’ve been thinking a lot more about what types of question are appropriate for a phone interview, but still give enough detail to lead me to a conclusion as to whether I think the person on the other end is competent. Having been on both sides of the table I […]

  • The Challenge of Small Ops (Part 1)

    I missed a open session at DevOps days, and I’m really disappointed that I did after hearing feedback from one of the conference participant. He said many people in the session we’re advocating for eliminating operations in the small scale. I realize that the world is changing, and that operations teams need to adjust to […]